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Hotel Rural Astarte

Hotel Rural Astarte 

Astarte is a small luxurious hotel typically ibicencan, immerse in the most beautiful rustic environment you will find in the Balearics. It is situated North of the Island of Ibiza in a calm & isolated area surrounded by protected forests. The nature of its location takes one, moreover invites one to have a walk along the forest paths that reach a cliff face offering impressive sea views.


The peace & privacy of the guests is guaranteed at Hotel Rural Astarte thanks to its enchanting environment and its proximity to nature. It is also an ideal location to celebrate banquets, weddings & birthdays at and even hen parties & stag nights.


All our rooms are fully equipped with Mini-bar, TV, DVD, safe box and air conditioning, as well as central heating for the winter months. We also have bicycles available for those clients who may be interested in doing some sport.


Our external facilities include a massage parlour & a Jacuzzi where one can enjoy a revitalizing massage in the midst of nature or relax in a pool of bubbles during the day or even at night time as one bathes in moon-shine. Hotel Rural Astarte also provides other amenities such as a large barbecue where one can taste the best meats prepared with utmost care by specialized cooks.



Who is Astarte?


Astarte is the assimilation of a Phoenician goddess from Mesopotamia that represented the cult to mother Nature, to life, fertility & the exaltation of love. Over time she has become also the goddess of war.


¿How is Astarte related to Ibiza?


Amongst the findings of the archaeological remains at Puig d´els Molins, a mud sculpture was found that was the representation of the Phoenician goddess Astarte, known as the “Lady of Ibiza”.


The Phoenicians founded Ibosim ( Ibiza ) around the year 654 BC. They introduced the Punic language to the island ( a Carthaginian-Phoenician dialect ), as well as their religion, their rites and their gods among which we find Astarté.


It is thought that the cathedral of Ibiza town was probably erected over the remains of an ancient temple devoted to Astarté.


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