How to get there

The island of Ibiza, also called the “White Island” because of its typical buildings, is a cosmopolitan place full of contrasts.

Its climate and the open and relaxed character of its people have made this Mediterranean stronghold an excellent tourist destination, without losing its great charm: the beaches with turquoise waters and the tranquillity of its inland areas contrast with the hustle and bustle of its streets and entertainment areas. The parties in Ibiza discos are famous worldwide, and thousands of tourists come each year to enjoy them.

The cuisine is rich and varied, but the local specialities have to be given special mention, featuring rice dishes, fresh fish and typical desserts. It is also the perfect spot for water sports lovers, as the tranquillity of the waters and the climate are ideal for them.

All this makes Ibiza the perfect place to enjoy holidays tailored to your tastes. We invite you to discover the variety on offer on this emblematic island.